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Mentally prepared to make NFT world fun

About Us

Who are PsychKids

PsychKids NFTs are a new, exciting way to experience the world of NFT. They make everything fair and square, from selection of private sales slots to Giveaways and new drops. All events are determined by the challenges that are shared to the community. Our aim is to build the future with the right understanding of the new world of freedom (decentralization, giving power back to the people). PsychKids is based in an Africa, Botswana. Care to join me?

How does it work

Scavenger hunts

A hunt for NFTs is made real. The hunt is across the internet for now. With time it will be all around the world (as our genesis collection drops). The scavenger hunt will act as an awareness tool to educate people of different topics from security, NFTs to web3 as they go through the hunts (gaining new skills).

Brain Teasers

Similar to the scavenger hunts, brain teasers are centered around the same topics (NFTs, security, web3 and many more)


Whats our plans

  • Minting 6000 PsychKids NFTs

    With 12 traits, meaning that you should expect a couple of rare NFTs.


    Background Glass Earrings Hair Headwear Mouth Mesh Jacket Necklace Eyes Beard
  • 5 Giveaways of the Rarest Psychkids

    Through scavenger hunting and brain teasers, 5 unique Giveaways will be carried out as a way to bring awareness to the people all across the world of NFTs, Crypto, Security and Web3 while they get free SuperRare NFTs.

  • Website Revamp

    The website revamping is done in order to add new features which will allow holders of PsychKids NFTs to have access to private space where the could get amazing giveaways, board pack (Info about new drops and presales)

  • Drop a genesis collection

    To be revealed to our Hodlers

  • Partnership with brands

    Partner up with big brands to launch their new products as NFTs through scavenger hunt and brain teasers.

Our Collection

Mentally prepared to make NFT world fun

Latest Updates

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Skurpy Account

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Twitter more NFTs

Dropping rare, unlisted NFTs daily on our twitter page.


Coming soon

Creating a new line of PsychKids Merch for our Hodlers